Remote Renal Care

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A virtual medical practice providing kidney care to remote areas of Georgia.


Video Conference Visit

Patient gets seen by a specialist using video at primary care office


Physician to Physician communication about medication, lab value, or condition

Remote Patient Monitoring

At home monitoring of blood pressure and weight

Dialysis Services

Inpatient dialysis
Home dialysis


What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of live or recorded video using a computer or mobile device to allow a patient and physician to conduct a visit. This can be for new and follow up visits. You can receive a diagnosis and prescriptions using this method. Telemedicine can also be used in subspecialties like Nephrology.

What is kidney disease?

The kidneys play a key role in filtering and cleaning the blood. Kidney disease occurs when there is a decline in this major function. If the decrease in kidney function gets too low, then toxins will build up in the body. Kidney disease can be caused by various problems.

What are symptoms of kidney stones?

Kidney stones can present with many symptoms. As a stone is passing, one can experience pain in the back or abdomen. The trauma caused while the stone is passing can cause dark or bloody urine. The kidney stone itself can be a breeding ground for infection leading to urinary tract infection.

How do I know if I have kidney disease?

Kidney disease is a silent disease. In the early stages of the disease, one may not have any symptoms, unlike during the late stages. Early stage kidney disease is mostly identified on routine blood and urine tests. The blood test will indicate an abnormally high creatinine level, and the urine test will reveal the presence of protein and/or blood. These are signs that there is an issue with the kidneys.

When could I be evaluated for a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant evaluation is a process that involves visits with multiple professionals besides a Transplant Nephrologist. However, before this process can began, one must first have kidney function at 20% or less.

What is hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a process by which the blood is being filtered and cleansed by a machine because of kidney failure. The patient is connected to the machine using either a venous catheter or needles in the artery and vein. The hemodialysis machine removes blood from the body over hours then returns it to the body with most toxins removed.


How to become a Partner

Send a referral online, by fax, or phone

Schedule the patient for an appointment at your office. If a same-day appointment is needed, call our office


Step 1

Schedule a virtual care appointment at your primary care office

Step 2

Show up to your appointment at your primary care office


Step 3

Check into a private exam room and meet with Dr. Brookins by video


Step 4

Enjoy the rest of your day!

About the Company

Dr. Sharica Brookins

After completing her Nephrology fellowship in 2017, Dr. Brookins moved from Tennessee to join a medical practice in Georgia. As a Nephrologist, she provided acute and chronic kidney care, as well as dialysis services at outpatient clinics, hospitals and specialty care centers in Augusta, Ga. Dr. Brookins also provided these same services in surrounding rural counties south of Augusta. Since there were no other local Nephrologists in the rural towns, new and existing patients had to travel many miles to the city to be seen when Dr. Brookins went out on emergency medical leave. This provided Dr. Brookins with a first-hand experience of rural healthcare disparities and specialty care. Since then her mission has been to provide convenient kidney care to underserved, rural areas of Georgia. Telemedicine was the ideal solution!

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